Jenny and I decided to move in Hudsonville, Mississippi, in 2012. Hudsonville is 10 miles away from the little city of Holly Springs it belongs to. We had bought 30 acre prairie with a small house as a week-end escape, one hour away from Memphis where we were living. The week-end house turned out quickly to be permanent and we gradually extended the property to encapsulate the mitigation property, a nature sanctuary of 600 acres. Our two neighbors share the same interest in nature and we steward a critical mass of land supporting a diversity of flora and fauna. This site intends to describe what we do in Hudsonville and how nature responds to our initiatives. Honey bees were the first to reveal to me as a teenager how nature can be wonderful, I keep them in high respect. They re-introduced me to flowers and trees and drew some lines to the native bees and to the other insects, which by extension connected with all the other animals, but also the soil, the marsh, the past people living here. While I still spend a lot of time with the bees, I am today curious of the web of nature and what our place ought to be within it.