Setting the Honey Deeps

May 05, 2019

The bees build now quickly in the brood box, some started to store honey in the top box in which I add wedged frames.

Each hive is made of a bottom box filled with shaving for insulation, a middle box for the brood separated with a queen excluder from the top box for the winter honey stash. The bees were set in 6 weeks ago and the population increases quickly now. I opened the tunnel of the top box last week and they started to refill the two frames of honey I had added for them to feed on at installation. It was time to complete the box with wedged frames in which they will build the comb first and then store the nectar to be cured into honey. Working in the bee barn is a rare pleasure. The sound of the bees from inside the box, the temperature which is close to the hive temperature and the dim light keep the bees very quiet as the disruption is minimum. The video is long, 4 minutes and 30 seconds of one single shot. The task in itself is very standard, so not much to learn here, but the environment is just exceptional. It is possible to work without a veil, but I rather be safe with my eyes. In any case the bees barely notice me and run on my hands and arms to get back in the box. These hives indoor were experimental, they seem to be to the liking of the bees.